We are very excited to announce that effective June 1st 2024 we are merging with the bookkeeping team at JB Solutions!

By combining our respective strengths, we aim to offer a comprehensive suite of financial services and integrated accounting and bookkeeping functions. Clients can expect enhanced value, efficiency, and insights as a result of this strategic collaboration.

For clients of Kowalski CPA, the merger means access to JB Solutions’ advanced bookkeeping technologies and specialized expertise. Whether it’s managing day-to-day transactions, optimizing processes such as invoicing or payables, or preparing for a year-end, clients can trust that their financial needs will be met with professionalism.

Similarly, clients of JB Solutions can now benefit from Kowalski CPA’s resources with access to tax planning, financial planning, and business advisory services. With access to Kowalski CPA’s seasoned team of accountants, clients can make informed decisions about their business’s future. 

We are thrilled to be bringing on an exceptional team of well experienced bookkeepers onto our team at Kowalski CPA! Please feel free to reach out with any questions to see how we can help.